16.-17.9.2023 Korjaamo


20 years of The Cursing Hedgehog – Growing Pains 

Milla Paloniemi

Bar 10
Fleminginkatu 10, 00530 Helsinki
Mon–Fri, 11–2
Sat–Sun, 12–2

The exhibition features rarely seen originals from the early days of Finland’s most famous and emotional hedgehog. Including for example early hedgehog comics created during Milla Paloniemi’s graphic design studies lectures alongside her notes.

The cursing hedgehog has been a prickly little free spirit for 20 years already. It cursed itself into the hearts of Finns, first through the internet and then from the pages of newspapers and comic albums. Many people are also familiar with the hedgehog through the countless side products, which can be found in almost every household. The Kiroileva siili 1 (Cursing hedgehog 1) album (Sammakko, 2007) won Finland’s first Comics-Finlandia proze in 2008. The 9th album has just been released.

Milla Paloniemi (b. 1983) is a prolific and versatile comics artist, illustrator, graphic designer, teacher, musician and pony farmer.