31.8.–1.9.2024 KAAPELITEHDAS



Kimmo Lust & Henna Räsänen (HX)

Molotow concept store
Teollisuuskatu 16, 00510 Helsinki
Mon–Fri, 10–18
Sat, 10–16

A comic exhibition that explores the clash between the left and right halves of the brain, of feelings and logic, of allosexual self-destructive desires and monstrous lesbian codependency – and other queer narratives.

Kimmo Lust is a comic artist and illustrator based in Järvenpää, Finland, with an interest in surrealism, gore, and organic textures. He focuses on his work on mental issues and sexuality from an autobiographical perspective.

Henna Räsänen (HX) is a Berlin-based non-binary comic artist whose work explores social norms through offbeat, prickly humor. Their comics depict subcultures and queer communities in a rapidly eroding world.