31.8.–1.9.2024 KAAPELITEHDAS



After a life’s work coloured by tragedy and danger, Bruce Wayne has retired from the role of Batman. Even though the night’s hero’s rogues gallery has been vanquished long ago, another threat has risen as if from the grave to challenge Batman to action once again. At the same time, he is also being pursued by the next generation of Gotham legends, an unyielding police officer named Barbara Gordon.

Crime Alley (2022) is a Finnish non-profit Batman fan film (duration 33 min), written and directed by Pekka Paalanen and starring Mikko Vihma, Anna Easteden, Christopher Killik, Richard Colvin, Alisa Ranta-aho, Stewart Gray and Juha-Pekka Mikkola, among others. As in numerous other productions, Batman is voiced by the legendary Kevin Porter.

The film is not suitable for children or sensitive adults, as it contains violence, and is therefore not suitable under 16 years old. The language is English, the subtitles are in Finnish.