31.8.–1.9.2024 KAAPELITEHDAS


Lorenzo Pascual (Espanja/Spain ETÄVIERAS/REMOTE GUEST)

Lorenzo Pascual osallistuu Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaaleihin etävieraana.


Lorenzo Pascual will take part in Helsinki Comics Festival programme as a remote guest.

Madrid-born Lorenzo Pascual is a biologist, editor and owner of Diábolo Ediciones, a publishing house founded in 2006, and which therefore turns fifteen in 2021.

Diábolo Ediciones is gradually diversifying its catalog, and currently in addition to the varied line of comics, it has a prestigious line of books on film, television, music, on merchandising derived from popular culture contemporary, toys, a children’s line and another of genre novels (historical adventure and ghost stories). Throughout these years, Diábolo Ediciones has published more than 500 titles in six different languages and has reached many countries around the world with its logo.

Among other comic book authors, Pascual has published in Spanish the work of Alex Toth, Bernard Krigstein, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Bastien Vivés. And currently he has begun to edit in Spain the comics of the famous publisher Entertaining Comics, more commonly known as EC Comics.

He has received the Award for literary work from the Circle of Cinematographic Writers in 2017, and the Editor of the Year Award from the Diario de Avisos in 2008 and 2011.