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Most Heavenly Small Press/Webcomic award!

Winners of the year 2023

Helsinki Comics Festival used to give out an award for the Most Heavenly Small Press. Later the award was turned into Best Comics Blog of the Year -award. Now we have combined these two and are giving out two awards: Most Heavenly Small Press and Most Heavenly Webcomic.

On September 16, 2023, at the Zine Fest of the Helsinki Comics Festival, Most Heavenly Small Press and Most Heavenly Webcomic prizes were awarded. The winner of the small press award is the comic Leather Dream by YesSirLTHR. The winner of the webcomic award is Eppu Wikström’s comic Kind Regards. The awards were donated by the artist Osma Tarvasneva.

Most Heavenly Small Press: Leather Dream.
Most Heavenly Webcomic: Kind Regards.

Application instructions

You can apply again in Spring 2024.

Small Press category:

  • Any zine/small press/self-published comic is fine in this category.
  • Very small publishers and collectives can also submit their zines here.
  • Comics must be up to 5 years old.
  • If your comic was nominated in this award last year, don’t nominate it this year.

If you’re unsure, email us at helsinkizinefest@gmail.com

Webcomic category:

  • If it’s online, it counts! Any webcomic, be it on Webtoon, Tapas, Instagram, Twitter, your own website, you name it!
  • Ebooks, if they’ve never been printed and do not exceed 30 pages. If they have also been printed, please submit them to the Small Press category instead.
  • Don’t nominate your comic this year if it isn’t updating anymore and it was nominated last year.
  • If your comic has updated with new pages within the past year, despite being nominated last year, feel free to nominate it again.

If you’re unsure, email us at helsinkizinefest@gmail.com

Instructions for sending:

  • Provide a link either to the website of the comic or to a downloadable PDF.
  • The PDF should be max. 30 pages long.
  • For longer comics, choose the best 30 pages for judging. For webcomics, judges will also judge the first 30 pages only.
  • If your comic is published on social media, we recommend making a PDF collection of them, so the judges don’t have to search for the comics among your other posts.
  • Sign in to a Google account to fill and submit the form.

You can also email us the PDF at helsinkizinefest@gmail.com. If you email it to us, put the name of the artist and the name of the comic in the title.

This is probably needless to say, but if your comic has won the Most Heavenly Small Press or Most Heavenly Webcomic award, don’t nominate it again.

The award is meant for Finnish people, Finns living outside of Finland or people who are living in Finland right now regardless of their nationality. The language of comics: Finnish, English. 

AI art

Zine Fest forbids the selling of AI art and other material generated in part or whole by artificial intelligence. Currently, the majority of AI image generators are based on non-consensual usage of visual art, and we don’t allow selling stolen material at the event or on our platforms.