Stage programme

Saturday 11-20
Sunday 11-18

Saturday September 1

Main stage

11:00–11:30 Comic Blog of the year

The 2018 Award for the Comic Blog of the year and the winner’s interview. The award is presented by the Finnish Comics Society.

11:30–12:00 Patrick Wirbeleit: Loota

Patrick Wirbeleit (born 1971) is a writer and illustrator who lives in a countryside near Hamburg, and has made almost 50 children’s books and comics. Wirbeleit has wrote a well-known and award-winning Kiste series (in Finnish, ’Loota’) together with the illustrator Uwe Heidschötter. Finnish Comics Society will publish the first Loota children’s book in Finnish for the festival. Interviewer Hannele Richert.

12:00–12:30 Gianluca Costantini (Italy)

Gianluca Costantini (born 1971) is an artist, activist, teacher and comic journalist who fights the injustices of society with his drawings. He is strongly committed to work for human rights, and also cooperates with Ai Weiwei. Costantini works with organizations such as ActionAid, Amnesty International, Cesvi and Oxfam International. His works have been shown at festivals such as the HRW Film Festival, the FIFDH Human Rights Festival and the Milan Human Rights Festival. Costantin’s drawings have been published on several platforms both in Italy and internationally. Interviewer Silja-Maaria Aronpuro.

12:30–13:00 Bianca Bagnarelli (Italy)

Bianca Bagnarelli (born 1988) is an award-winning Italian-French comic artist, illustrator and writer. In 2015, Bagnarelli won with her graphic novel Fish the first place in the category of graphic novels in The Society of Illustrators’ competition. In 2016 Bagnarelli was awarded the Lorenzo Bartoli prize for the year’s most promising Italian comic artist. Bagnarelli, who grew up in Milan, has studied comic and illustrated art at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna. Interviewer Onni Mustonen.

13:00–14:00 Tullio Altan: Ada viidakossa

Francesco Tullio Altan (born 1942) is an important Italian comic artist with over 7,500 satirical cartoons, a dozen of epic graphic novels and dozens of children’s books. Ada viidakossa (Asema Kustannus) is an outrageous parody of romantic serial stories, which also is considered a classic in Finland. The work was published in Finnish in the legendary comic magazine Tapiiri in 1986–88. Interviewer Vesa Kataisto, interpreter Silja-Maaria Aronpuro.

14:00–14:30 Anna Deflorian (Italy)

Anna Deflorian (born 1985) has studied illustration in Bologna and Hamburg. Deflorian’s first comic album Roghi was published in 2013 (Canicola) and was followed by Faith in Strangers (2015, Youth in Decline). Deflorian’s comics have also been published in several collections, for instance, in the Baltic š! anthology series. Deflorian makes the illustrations for many international clients. Interviewer Tiina Laine.

14:30–15:00 Mari Ahokoivu: Oksi (in Finnish)

A story about mothers and daughters, stars and myths. One of the bear cubs is not like the other. Who is he? Who sent him? Oksi (Asema Kustannus) is a masterpiece, a peak in Mari Ahokoivu’s career so far, sci-fi, fantasy, and Finnish mythology mixed in an epic graphic novel. In the story the relationship between the mother and the child is pondered through the ancient myth of how bears were born. Mari Ahokoivu (born 1984) is a comic artist living in Copenhagen, whose work has been translated into several languages. She is also known for his children’s comics, Sanni ja Joonas series written by Kalle Hakkola and Lola Olifante for the French market. As an interviewer will be a publisher Ville Ranta.

15:00–16:00 JP Ahonen: Belzebubs, Villimpi Pohjola: Irtiotto & Suomen ihmisten historia (in Finnish)

The 2018 festival artist JP Ahonen (1981) has become an everlasting star for the Finnish audience with his Villimpi Pohjola Sunday series and satirical cartoon Puskaradio in Journalisti magazine. This autumn, there will be all three different publications by Ahonen, the comic strip collection of the Belzebubs (Kumiorava), Villimpi Pohjola: Irtiotto (WSOY) and Suomen ihmisten historia (WSOY) with Teemu Keskisarja. Interviewer Noora Raiskio.

16:00–17:00 Decades of feminist comics in Finland (in Finnish)

FEMSKT – Femicomix work turns five years. The purpose of the network is to promote a comic field with feminist values by organizing various workshops, meetings, exhibitions and events. FEMSKT has predecessors in the history of the Finnish comic, and various publication forums have offered women the opportunity to publish their work and receive peer support. How has feminist comics in Finland developed? Where did all begin? What was a Naarassarjat or Nettinarttu? The panel deals with the history of feminist comics in Finland since the early 1990s. The historical framework aims to build an overall picture of how the domestic comics field has evolved over the decades, especially from a feminist point of view. Panel guests are Warda Ahmed, Hannele Richert and Johanna ”Roju” Rojola. The moderator will be Leena Romu.

17:00–17:30 Tommi Musturi: Mielen antologia (in Finnish)

Mielen antologia is a collection of graphic novels by Tommi Musturi. The book contains 37 works from 1997 to 2017, and it’s a real dive into various forms of comics. Musturi moves naturally between different styles and narrative techniques, while the novels burst with wild ideas. Mielen antologia will be published simultaneously in seven languages across Europe and next spting in the United States. Tommi Musturi (born 1975) is one of the internationally renowned Finnish comic artists and the 21st century’s most translated creator. In 2011, Musturi received the Puupäähattu prize and in 2016 Grafia awarded his illustrations with Kultaphuippu.

17:30–18:00 Luke McGarry (United Kingdom)

Luke McGarry (1987) is a comic artist, illustrator, animator and graphic designer. He is originally from Manchester but is now based in Los Angeles. McGarry began making gig posters with his twin brother for their band Pop’s Noir. Today McGarry’s customers are, among many other well-known events, Festival Supreme, Goldenvoice, and FYF. In 2015, McGarry began publishing a Sad Chewie strip, from which a new internet meme was born. Interviewer Jon Karvinen.

18:00–18:30 Wolf Kankare: Subdimensionaalinen portti (in Finnish)

Eelis dreams about love but learns early on that it must be done secretly and alone. Nobody could ever desire anyone like him. It was taught by classmates before puberty, and this truth is strengthened by every unsuccessful attempt to open new doors. Inadequacy is a permanent state that one builds on all of their identity without even noticing it. Wolf Kankare’s Subdimensionaalinen portti (Suuri Kurpitsa) tells about the unsatisfied hunger for love and the shame hanging over it. The autobiographical story disguised as fiction takes place at four time levels. It bundles up situations, feelings, and relationships, looking for a thing that will give it all a meaning. Why am I here and being like I am?

18:30–19:00 Alexis Beauclair (France)

Alexis Beauclair (1986) is a French artist whose work moves between experimental comic, illustrations and graphic design. His art is characterized by clear patterns, simple colour surfaces and lines. Beauclair has graduated from the renowned Haute école des arts du Rhin in Strasbourg. Beauclair runs a small printing house concentrated on risograph printing called Papier Machine.

19:00–20:00 Becky Cloonan (USA)

Becky Cloonan (1980) is an American comic artist and writer known for his manga-inspired work. A remarkable achievement for Cloonan’s career was in 2012 when she became the first woman to draw Batman. Multiple Eisner candidate Cloonan is known, for instance, of the trialogue By Chance or Providence praised by the critics. Cloonan has made several comics for publishers such as DC Comics, Dark Horse and Marvel. Cloonan has also worked with the following series: American Virgin Anthology, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, American Vampire, Gotham Academy, Northlanders and Swamp Thing. Interviewer Onni Mustonen.

Zine Fest

11:00–11:15 Opening words

Zine Fest organizers Apila Pepita and Reine Palmqvist.

11:30–12:15  Turun sarjakuvakerho: Anomia (In Finnish)

Nikke Lindholm and Tiina Niemi.

12:30–13:00 Joakim Juvelén: Ugly Monsters (In Finnish)

Interviewer Apila Pepita.

13:00–13:30  Milla Paloniemi: Kiroileva siili 8 (In Finnish)

Interviewer Apila Pepita.

13:30–14:00 Nam-Ke (In Finnish)

Interviewer Apila Pepita.

14:15–15:30 Strippisarjakuva ilman sanomalehteä -panel discussion (In Finnish)

Pii Anttonen (Piin Seikkailut Cismaailmassa), Johanna Jasmine (Kummitus), Laura ”LaNiemi” Nieminen (Piksun Seikkailut), Sara Honkanen (Sukupuolipaskaa).

15:45–17:00 Games and Comics -panel

Panelists: Nadia Nova, Dan Martin (Deathbulge), Anni Hõ, Maaria Laurinen (Phantomland), Elsa “Erli” Kosunen. Panel is moderated by the webtoon artist H-P Lehkonen. Comics are not the easiest way to make a living, so a lot of comics artists also work on games. In this panel five people come to discuss why and how they work in both of these fields. Panelists work on webcomics, indie games, bigger gaming companies, comics editing and teaching. The panel is in english.

17:15–17:45 Rachael House artist talk

Rachael House (UK) is an artist who makes events, objects, performances, drawings and zines. Her auto-bio Red Hanky Panky was part of a thriving UK and international queerzine scene in the 1990s. She has recently made projects for Arnolfini and Supernormal and facilitated zine making at Hastings Cartoon Festival and with The Feminist Library at Tate Modern, exhibited at House of Illustration, University of Kent, Peckham Platform, Murray Edwards College alongside New Hall Women’s Art Collection and in Inking Women, Cartoon Museum, London. The talk is in english.

Sunday September 2

Main stage

11:00–11:30 Tuuli Hypén: Nanna – Eläimen pelikirja (in Finnish)

Tuuli Hypén’s (b.1983) city fox girl Nanna has appeared on the pages of several Finland’s newspapers, for instance in 2012 in the biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. In 2011 Hypén’s Nanna debut album was nominated for the Cartoon-Finlandia award, and the fan base has brought the characters into life through cosplay. In 2011, Hypén will bring to the festival the newest and fourth Nanna album Nanna – Eläimen pelikirja that will come out in August. Interviewer Vesa Kataisto.

11:30–12:00 Suvi Ermilä: Jälki (in Finnish)

Jälki is the second comic book from Suvi Ermilä, born and raised in Tampere. It contains four graphic novels that combine youth and childhood memories. Experienced life leaves its mark and is transformed into stories. The way to the day care takes one back to the childhood suburb. The younger sister is being picked up from a kindergarten by a bicycle, but the journey doesn’t go as desired. Heikki is taking place in teenage years, after the divorce of parents. Mom and sister receive a new guest for Christmas. In The Visit, daughter and father meet in father’s new home, dominated by a spoiled pet. Eventually, the summer house is the only place where nothing changes. There one can observe horses with binoculars and sit in a greenhouse. Interviewer Kati Ilomäki.

12:00–13:00 Pertti Jarlan autokoulu (in Finnish)

What skills does a cartoonist need today? Those times are over, when the original was sent to the client as such. You need to manage PDF, CMYK and other letter combinations. Comics from a technical point of view, comic artist trio Pertti Jarla, Kari A. Sihvonen and Ilpo Koskela reveal the essentials.

13:00–13:30 Lise Myhre (Norway)

Lise Myhre (b.1975) is a Norwegian comic artist and graphic designer. She is best known for the comic Nemi, which is also one of Norway’s most popular comics. Myhre created Nemi in 1997 when she was invited to draw a page in the Norwegian edition of the Far Side magazine. Today, Nemi has its own comic magazine, which appears eight times a year. Interviewer Janne Suominen.

13:30–14:00 Anni Nykänen (in Finnish)

Anni Nykänen (b.1983) is a comic artist, illustrator and graphic designer living in Turku. Nykänen is known for her Mummo comic strip that she has been drawing since 2008. In 2009, Mummo won the Nordic comics competition Kemi award and Sammakko published the first Mummo album in 2010. Three out of four so far published Mummo albums have been nominated for Cartoon-Finlandia.

14:00–14:30 Ville Ranta: Kuningas menettää päänsä (in Finnish)

Ville Ranta returns to the centre of the Finnish comic scene with his new album, Kuningas menettää päänsä (WSOY), where manhood is sliced into small pieces and things are getting completely bonkers. The roof of the castle leaks, chester’s jokes don’t bring a smile to anyone’s face, and no one shows respect. There’s not even appetite for sex. The king’s faith begins to waver. Fortunately, there’s a pastor who knows the cure for existential anxiety. The duo roll for a fabled quest, where beer flows, heads fall, and ladies are mounted – once more. Interviewer Mikael Ahlström.

14:30–15:00 Harri Römpötti: Kaiken maailman sarjakuvat (in Finnish)

What are all kinds of comics made of? Harri Römpötti has worked and travelled for 30 years as a freelance journalist and critic of comics. During this time, he has interviewed a large part of the world’s most important cartoonists who have told him about their works, ways of working and inspiration. This book contains articles of more than 60 artists. The selection includes geniuses, pioneers, innovators, trendsetters, and rebels from all populated continents: Abouet & Oubrerie, Bilal, Burns, Campbell, Crumb, Delisle, Eisner, Emerson, Gaiman, Giraud, Hernandez, Kannemeyer, König, Lust, McKean, Mezieres & Christin , Modan, Muñoz & Sampayo, Otomo, Pirinen, Rosa, Satrapi, Sattouf, Spiegelman, Tardi, Ware, Walker… Interviewer Vesa Kataisto.

15:00–15:30 Marko Raassina (in Finnish) *CANCELLED*

Marko Raassina (1990) draws digitally, and he publish mostly online. For instance, artist’s Instagram profile containing comics in English has nearly 77,000 followers. Raassina’s humoristic and modern Kalevala adaptions were published in 2015 (Kalevala) and in 2016 (Kullervo). At the moment, Raassina is making illustrations for a children’s book containing stories from White Karelia.

15:30–16:00 Mika Lietzén: Minä olen saari (in Finnish)

Somewhere in the west lies a rocky island. A community that once was succesful has collapsed, residents have moved to the mainland and production plants have been moved to China. When everyone else left, he lingered. Now he cruises the dark roads of his home island alone and dreams of the bright lights of Las Vegas. Traveling fast to nowhere. But today his life is about to change. Minä olen saari is a mix of a crime story and paganic horror, a realistic portrayal of one man’s tailspin. It’s a story from the edge of society, where desperate people fall into desperate acts. Mika Lietzén (b.1974) is a comic cartoonist in Turku. He has been the nominated for the Cartoon Finlandia three times.

16:00-17:00 Charlie Adlard (United Kingdom)

Charlie Adlard has made several different comics for Marcel, DC and 2000AD. In addition to the most famous of them, The Walking Dead, Adlard has drawn Judge Dredd, X-Files, Mars Attacks and The Establishment. Alongside his artistic career, Adler also tries to spread enthusiasm for comics, and he has been appointed as the comics ambassador of the UK for years 2017–2019.

17:00–17:30 Emmi Valve: Girl Gang Bang Bang – Ei kenenkään tyttöjä (in Finnish)

Girl Gang Bang Bang tells about a gang formed by three chicks, The Bang Bangs. Friida, Fanny and Pixie live in a shack outside of the city. On the next plot of land there’s a circus whose members form their closest social circle. Fanny and the animal tamer of the circus have a child called Pluto that mostly lives with The Bang Bangs, but sometimes also with his father and his annoyingly perfect, new companion. The Bang Bangs are reckless antiheroines that, in addition to family life, drink and have irregular sex. On the other hand, the stories also have deeper themes, like friendship, depression and charity. Emmi Valve (born 1984) is a comic artist from Porvoo whose previous album, the autobiographic Armo (2017) got a praising reception both from critics and the public.

Zine Fest

11:00–11:45 Lady Isabella’s secrets artist talk

Virva Auvinen: How a digital game concept turned into an historical graphic novel. The winding journey of Lady Isabella’s Secrets. Virva E. Auvinen. was born in Helsinki, Finland and graduated 1999 from the University of Helsinki as an art historian. She has a MA degree from the department of New Media Design and Production at the University of Art and Design of Helsinki in 2010. The talk is in english.

12:00–12:45 Nadia Nova (In Finnish)

Interviewer Apila Pepita.

13:00–13:45 Verihukka ja muita tarinoita kauhukammiosta – anthology

Eve Kajander, Sara Honkanen, Johanna Jasmine, Julia Järvelä

14:00–15:15 Romance in Comics panel discussion

Panelists: Eelis Torvinen (BSandL/Summertime), Sajan Rai, H-P Lehkonen (Life Outside the Circle), Eve Kajander. Moderated by Estonian cartoonist and teacher Anni Hõ. What if an alien from another planet would move in with you? What if your ex lover was a mouth attached to the side of your face? What if your boyfriend, who’s a ghost, was married to a demon, who’s also your girlfriend, and they have a gay son and a pet dinosaur? What if you’re from Seinäjoki? Sounds unlikely, but all of these comics fall into the romance genre. Join our four panelists in discussing how they use romance in their comics and what tropes they want to avoid. The panel is in english.

15:3016:30 Young Russian comics creators

Ilya Obukhov (St. Petersburg), Olga Posukh (Novosibirsk) and Anna Volovik (Kaliningrad) are interesting Russian comics artists, whose short stories have been awarded at several festivals. They are in Helsinki as part of a history comics project by Finnish Comics Society and Boomkniga publishing house. Their exhibition is up at Kattilahalli. Aino Sutinen interviews. The program is in english.

16:30–17:30 Petteri Kantola: Hämärän prinssi & Jussi Waltameri: Pieni hetki onnea (In Finnish)

Interviewer Sara Valta.

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