Blanca Vázquez (Espanja/Spain ETÄVIERAS/REMOTE GUEST)

Blanca Vázquez osallistuu Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaaleihin etävieraana.


Blanca Vázquez will take part in Helsinki Comics Festival programme as a remote guest.

Blanca Vázquez, born in Guadalupe, Cáceres, is an author that always has a pencil in hand. She has been writing down ideas and drawing since she knew how to handle the rudiments of the discipline. Vázquez studied graphic design in Madrid and ended up graduating as an illustrator in Liège (Belgium), thanks to a stay via Erasmus. Vázquez always tries to communicate the maximum through the minimum of details, mixing traditional techniques with digital ones. Ink and screen always hand in hand as Vázquez’s main work tools.

In 2019 Vázquez published Sombra, the winning work of the Opera Prima contest of the French magazine Hors Cadre (s) and in its Spanish version Outside the margin. A year later in February 2020, she published Juntas en esto, a comic with a social theme that was born as a final degree project with the Spanish publishing house Astiberri. The work puts on the table one of those topics that, today, many societies prefer to keep hidden and stigmatized rather than accept that we live in a world that has nothing to do with the immediate past.

She currently works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in Madrid, opening up to new fronts such as screen printing, mural painting and animation.


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