Zine Fest Communal Seller’s Table

Like last year, we will arrange a communal seller’s table where you can bring your own self-published comics or other zine works for sale. Zine Fest is held 31.8.-1.9. at the culture center Cable Factory, Helsinki (Kaapeliaukio 3, 00180 Helsinki).

You can sign your work for sale on the table until 24.8.2024 OR as long as the table is not full of products already. We will report on Instagram if the table becomes full before the deadline. If the table is not full, you can also bring your zine for sale during the event instead.

Zine Fest is part of the Helsinki Comic Festival. Zines and comics sold in the mentioned communal seller’s table are supposed to be self-published and not for sale in any other tables during the festival. Communal seller’s table is meant for those self-publishing artists who didn’t get or want their own table from Zine Fest. Works sold in communal seller’s table have to follow the general guidelines of Zine Fest and the general rules of communal seller’s table below.

Communal seller’s table is run by volunteers of Zine Fest and is open the whole festival time. You can bring your work to sell on the table during the event, as long as there is space on the table. We encourage you to bring your work at the beginning of the festival.

The deadline of picking up un-sold works and possible sales revenues is half an hour before Helsinki Comic Festival ends on Sunday 1.9.!

If you can’t pick up your belongings during the mentioned time please contact helsinkizinefest@gmail.com as soon as possible. Unfortunately we can’t keep un-reclaimed belongings and we have to throw them away immediately.

General rules for communal seller’s table:

  • You can bring maximum of 5 copies of a single zine on the table
  • Fee for sold items are:
    •  50 cents for zines priced less than 5-1 euros
    • 10% of zines priced more than 5 euros
  • Fee applies only for items that are actually sold
  • If you are a crew of artists, you have to decide under whose name to sell your work.
  • We will not sell works that appear to support racism, homophobia or discrimination in other ways

If you have any questions about Zine Fest, please contact us helsinkizinefest@gmail.com.

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