Virtual meetings with invited authors

Thursday 11th November

12:00 Catching fantasy and creativity on a sheet of paper by Lorena Azpiri

13:00 More human than human: Smart Girl by Fernando Dagnino

14:00 Our right to remember. The Lincoln Brigade by Pablo Durá and Carles Esquembre

15:00 Intimacy, lucidity and graphic language. A talk with Eduardo González

16:00 The reality, in graphic format, as it is by Alberto Madrigal

Friday 12th November

12:00 Our right to decide. Together in this by Blanca Vázquez

13:00 Elisa and Marcela: the triumph of the spirit. A talk with Xulia Vicente

14:00 Being a FATHER with capital letters. A chat with Jaime Visedo

15:00 Illustrating the past, present and future, by Alicia Warhola

16:00 Past and present of the Spanish graphic market: A meeting with Patricio García Ducha, Lorenzo Pascual, Lucas Morales, Francisco Pomares and Enrique V. Vegas